pcsfw - General

pcsfw is a simple framework for creating Java based web applications. I created it since Struts seemed to complex for my needs. It is based on simple text configuration files, XML and XSLT.

pcsfw provides the following features (Version 1.0a):

  • Front-Controller Design
  • Separation of content and layout using XML and XSLT
  • Simple setup and using
  • Useful classes like DefaultFactory and ConfigUser/ConfigAdmin

Basically, you create the Actions you want to be processed because of the client's request. These actions are the interfaces to the business logic of your system. You can imagine of such an action as a order in your online shop or a support request which triggers certain processes or simply adding a new entry to your guestbook.
These actions create XML which is transformed via XSLT to HTML or whatever your XSLT does. So a developer has to do three steps to create a new Action usable with pcsfw:
  1. Create an Action
  2. Create the XSL stylesheet to transform the ActionResult
  3. Combine Action and stylesheet to a Service

Remark that it can be quite a long way to create actions since you'll have to provide and implement some business logic. But at least your efforts dealing with servlet overhead is reduced.

Refer to the developer's page and the install instructions for more details.

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