2003-01-20 pcstoolkit 1.0b released!


The pcstoolkit is a collection of hopeful useful classes for developing Java applications. It provides helpers to use Design Patterns and in its central provides a simple framework for creating web applications, called pcsfw.

Why use pcsfw

I created my own web application framework since the existing ones were too complex in my point of view. All demanded a big effort of getting to know them. Therefore I made my own and kept it as simple as possible.
pcsfw is based on Java, XML and XSLT.

How to use pcstoolkit

To use pcstoolkit you should take a look at the Javadoc. Perhaps you find some useful classes, like an implementation of a Factory based on a Java Properties file.
To see how pcsfw works and is used, I suggest to refer to the pcswf pages.


Refer to the files section for releases.


pcstoolkit is open source and published under the LGPL.
pcstoolkit uses code from

Further Information

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